10 Ways to Childproof Your Nursery

Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive in life, and making the necessary changes for that baby can take some time and preparation. While most parents focus on the color scheme of the room or what baby crib would look best, they sometimes forget how important it is to make sure that the room is safe for their bundle of joy. Childproofing your nursery can be one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your baby will be safe from the many dangers that can hide within your home, and here we will give you some helpful tips to get you started.

  1. The Right Crib

Considering that your newborn will be spending most of their time sleeping, it is extremely important that their sleeping area is safe. A relative or friend may offer to loan you a crib they used for their own child, and although they mean well, some older model cribs may not meet the standards set by the Australia Competition & Consumer Commission. Make sure whatever crib you decide for your baby has the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association label on it to ensure that the crib meets safety standards.

  1. Safe Sleeping Area

As your baby begins to move around more and more and begin to explore their sleeping area, the items in and around the crib can present a danger in a number of different ways. It’s important that you don’t hang anything over the crib that has a string longer than 7 inches as it can become a strangulation hazard. Also make sure that there isn’t anything near that crib that the baby can grab and hurt themselves with.

  1. Changing Table

To ensure that your baby doesn’t fall while changing diapers, always use the safety trap on the changing table. You also never want to leave your baby unsupervised, even if the baby is strapped in. Always keep the baby supplies, such as baby oil and diaper wipes, away from within the grasp of the baby, but close enough for you to reach. And don’t forget to brace the changing table to the wall for added security.

safety trap for changing table for baby

  1. Walls

In the past, most paint was lead based, and if you live in an older apartment or house you should have a professional ensure that none of the walls contain lead. If your child eats or inhales lead fumes or dust, they can get lead poisoning that will affect your child’s health.

natural colour nursery for baby

img source: flickr.com

  1. The Right Mattress

Making sure the mattress is a right fit is more important than you can imagine. A good measuring sign is to make sure that you can’t fit two fingers in between the mattress and the edge of the crib to ensure that the baby’s head doesn’t get stuck,. Never leave the plastic on the mattress and make sure all four sides are tightly anchored to the corner posts.

baby mattress for nursery

img source: pinterst.com

  1. Furniture

When your child gets to the crawling age and begins to explore their room, they will also start grabbing and climbing the furniture around them. To ensure that tall furniture like bookcases and dressers don’t fall on the little one, always brace them to the wall.

image source: childproofingexperts.com

  1. Toy Chests

When looking to buy a toy chest for your loved one you should always consider the safety features that come with it. Make sure that the lid has spring-loaded hinges to prevent it from slamming down shut on your child’s hands or head. Also ensure that the lid can easily be opened from the inside to prevent your child from getting stuck inside.

toy chest

  1. Electrical Outlets

A child’s curiosity is unlimited, and an electrical outlet can easily become the focal point of the tyke’s wandering mind. To prevent them from getting electrocuted, make sure that all electrical currents have safety covers on them.

baby electrical outlet cover

image source: pinterest.com

  1. Electrical Wires

Considering that at the end of an electrical wire is usually something heavy and dangerous like a lamp or TV, it’s wise to make sure that all electrical wires are kept out of reach, as pulling them can be a big temptation for a child.

baby cable

image source: evdekibakicim.com

  1. Small Items

One of a child’s first natural instincts as they explore this world is to taste everything they can get their hands on. You want to pick up and keep out of reach all small items that can become a choking hazard to your child.

choking hazard baby prevention

Hope you found this 10 ways to childproof your nursery helpful. There are plenty more whats you can make the nursery better which we have not listed here. If you would like to advise us some, please let us know by commenting below.

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