When I first started Felt Ball Rug, as a part time project, I wasn't quite sure what I was  getting up to. All I wanted to do was give something back to the community, where I grew up when I was a little kid.

By choosing to work with felt ball rug, I got the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in Nepal, mostly from the marginalised and underprivileged community who's had no education, totally dependant on others with huge family commitments. 

Seeing their lives slowly change because of this little opportunity they've been given, I now know why this is truly amazing. It's not so much about what we do, but more about why we do it. So with your love and support, we hope to make more impact in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT.

Time To Introduce Our Amazing Artisans!!!

Nirmala Basnet


Nirmala has been with for just over a year and she is one of the few lucky ladies who is happily married to her husband. He's in the police force taking care of the community and makes a decent income. Nirmala is a stay at home mum who is busy taking care of her little one. She's also busy making felt ball rugs that allows her to make her own income. This way, she doesn't have to be fully depend on her husband and can take care of her family and occasionally spoil herself with shopping.

She is driven by the feedback that she gets from her customers.   

Shanti Lama


Shanti which also means "peace" in Nepalese, is very shy and very down to earth person. She's been married for over 5 years and has 3 sons and a husband. Right now she's the sole source of income in her small family with her husband, occasionally doing some casual labour work. Even though she had a very tough upbringing, she's always pleasant to talk to and is always focused at her work. You will always be greeted with her beautiful smile whenever you see her.


Roshni Tamang


Roshni is happily married to a wonderful husband and has a beautiful son. She's a housewife and her husband is a full time driver taking care of the family.

She was trained to make felt ball rugs couple of months ago and has been one of our active staffs. She's loves cooking, watching movies and loves to go out with her husband. She's always appreciative of the opportunity she has has been given to be more independent and help her her husband financially.



Chameli is an expert when it comes to making felt balls and she's also getting her hands dirty in making felt ball rugs. She has only joined our team for few months and she brings lots of knowledge and felt ball making experience to our team.

She has a wonderful family with two little kids who go to a local boarding school. Working in felt ball rug industry enables her to be generate extra income for the family.

She's always smiling and is very friendly. We are really excited to have her in our team.

Gyanu Lama

Gyanu is full of positive energy. She's got two young kids and her husband is currently working in Afghanistan. It's quite normal these days for young men go overseas for working opportunity. Most of these men are labourers with very limited education, doing some of the toughest works that you can imagine in very challenging environments. Her husband is no different.

Gyanu is kept busy by her kids and working as a felt ball rug artisan. She hopes that it will eventually pay off with her kids good education in future. She is very inspired when she sees photos of customers using the rugs she makes.


Junuka Shrestha

Junuka has the most beautiful smile and she is such a lovely person to hang around. You only have to spend couple of minutes with her and you will be invited to have either lunch or dinner at her place.

She's got a wonderful son who goes to school and just like Gyanu, her husband is currently working in Malaysia as a migrant worker. Even though, he's been there for number of years, he's not been able to support her and and his son financially so she had to find an alternative source of income to keep the family going. With no education, she had limited option and fortunately for her and to us, we managed to work together. Life's been bit tough on her, but it's changing for the better. We hope her husband will return back safe and sound one day.

Sanju Rai

Sanju is quiet, shy and very humble. She never got married and currently lives with her sister nearby. With over 7 years of felt ball rug making experience, she's highly respected by other artisans. She's the go to person for any complex designs and she's very generous with her time to teach the young artisans in our team. We are very thankful to have her in our team as this gives us lot of confidence and belief to do more complicated work in the future.


Kamal is one of the most hard working individual I have every come across. Even though he's new to our team, I've known him for many years. He is originally from the southern part of Nepal, but lives in Kathmandu most of the times. He goes to visit his family couple of times a year. Since he's the only source of income, he's working and living in Kathmandu most of the times while his wife takes care of the littles ones back home. He is very polite and laid back and is just amazing to talk to.


Just like Kamal, Prabesh has been with our team for few months. He's also from the southern part of Nepal and spends most of his time in Kathmandu working. I've also know Prabesh for quite some time and I really respect his work ethics. Prabesh and Kamal usually work in a team as their work involve in packing and cleaning the rugs.