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Just like my our previous how to make a felt mobile tutorial on arch mobile frame, this step by step guide on how to make a nursery mobile on a round mobile frame shows you how to make a very beautiful looking cot mobile in just a few steps.

how to make nursery mobile


Again, it may look like a daunting task, but if you follow these steps, anyone can do this. 


This is my first time to attempt this kind of nursery mobile on a round mobile frame so you may find better way to create the same nursery mobile.

If you have, please leave comments. This will help me and other readers to design better crib mobiles.

So let's get into it:

What Is Needed To Make A Nursery Mobile For Cot?

You can pretty much use anything you like as accessories to hang on your nursery mobile. Below are what we have used to make our cot mobile so we will just go by what we have used.

1. Clean and even surface to work on.

This is very important. With a good working space and no clutter to distract you, you will be in a good headspace to start your crib mobile diy project. If you don't have a proper working space, your dining table is just as perfect to get your project started.


2. Felt balls and other beads - There are plenty of nursery mobile accessories you can use for your diy baby mobile. We have used the below items:

2 cm Felt Balls & 1 cm felt balls ( white #41 and pink #9)
Polka dot and swirl felt balls ( Pink On White Polka Dot Swirl Felt Balls)
Felt Clouds
Felt Moons
Pink felt heart
Felt Animal Head Babiti Bunny Rabbit

Like advised earlier, the sky 's the limit when it comes to the cot mobile decoration. It is important to ensure that the decor items that you choose to use for the baby mobile are child friendly. 

3. Cord/Thread - You can use any kind of cord or thread as long as they are strong and not too thick. We use white nylon cords for our cot mobiles. 

The round baby mobile frame that we use in our example has holes that are about 1mm thick. So any thread/cord that are less than 1mm thick should be fine to make crib mobile.

4. Round nursery mobile frame - These round baby mobile frames are handmade by our artisans in Nepal from bamboo stem with about a dozen tiny holes drilled through the frame.


5. Yarn needle - Any needle is fine as long as you can fit your cord through the needle head and also through the baby mobile frame holes.


6. A pair of scissors - Any kind of scissors is good. We need to use the scissors to cut the cords and also during the finishing stage of our felt balls mobile diy project.


7. Measuring tape - This is one of the most important tools that you need. This needs to be used to measure the length of the cord that you will need to make your crib mobile.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Cot Mobile For Nursery Room

1. Clean up your working space - Make sure your workspace is nice and clean. Sometimes, this can make or break your baby mobile diy project.

2. Plan on how you are going to make your baby mobile - You can either make a sketch on a piece of paper  or just place the nursery mobile accessories on the table along with the baby mobile frame.

In our example, we have just placed  these accessories on the table to get a bird’s eye view of how the crib mobile is going to look like.

Just make sure that you factor the gap between each hanging garland that you are going to make. Ensure that the gaps are even between each hanging garland as this will have an impact how the baby mobile will angle when you hang later on.

In our example, we have left a 1 hole gap between each hanging garland. You can choose whatever distance you prefer as long as they are even.

how to make nursery mobile


3. Prepare the string/cords to make cot mobile – Based on our example, cut 9 threads that are each eighty cm long ( 80cm). Eight threads will be used for the hanging garlands that will be used along the frame and the ninth garland will be used at the centre of the baby mobile.

thread to make nursery mobile

4. Make a knot at one end (bottom) of each cord – Make a double knot on one end of each of nine cords to prevent the nursery mobile accessory from slipping through the thread.

To make a knot, simply make a loop as close to the end of the string as shown on the photo.

how to make nursery mobile knot


Repeat one more time and make the second knot at the same spot where the first knot is. Repeat this process on all nine cords.

how to make crib mobile

how to make cot mobile


5. Make Garland – For this example, we will work on one of the garlands with  the bunny.

Select one of the nine cords that you had prepared earlier.  

Select the felt bunny head to make the first garland.

Thread the cord, through the yarn needle head.


5.1 Select the felt felt rabbit head and thread the needle through the top of the head.

how to make cot mobile


5.2 Bring back the needle head back to the same spot where you threaded it on the felt head and tread it again at the same spot.

Before you tighten the loop, pass the needle head through the loop as below images.

how to make crib mobile

how to make baby mobile

how to make felt ball mobile

how to make baby mobile


5.3 Next step is to thread a felt ball.

You can visit our other blog to see in details on  how to thread a felt ball  step 8.5 or just simply follow the below images.

making felt ball mobile


5.4 Tighten the knot - Before you tighten the felt ball, make sure that you have roughly 3 fingers space between the bunny and the felt ball.

how to make nursery mobile

how to make crib mobile

how to make cot baby mobile

how to make felt ball mobile

how to make baby nursery mobile


5.5 Repeat the same process when you add the moon.


how to make baby mobile

how to make baby mobile

how to make kids mobile

how to make round nursery mobile


5.6 Repeat - Once you have completed designing the first hanging garland, simply repeat the same process for the other eight garlands, including the one that goes at the centre of the nurser mobile.

how to make crib mobile from felt balls

nursery mobile diy

baby mobile diy project


 5.7 Make knots on string - Make large knots on eight garlands, 3 fingers away from the top most ball as shown below. These knots should be big enough so that they won't go through the holes of the round baby mobile frame.

nursery mobile diy

nursery mobile diy

nursery mobile diy

nursery mobile diy

nursery mobile diy

nursery mobile diy


6. Thread the string/chord through the designated holes in the frame. Remember to use the right hole as you initially designed.

how to make cot mobile


7.  Thread all the string / chords through a felt ball or any decor item. In our example, we have used a 2.5 cm felt white ball.

how to make cot mobile

how to make cot mobile

how to make cot mobile


8. Align the garlands evenly so the nursery mobile appears balance. If you always shift  the strings to slightly to eventually make it the nursery mobile aligned.

Make sure to thread the ninth garland through the felt ball. This will hang at the centre of the baby mobile that you've just made.

If you don't do this step properly, the baby mobile may appear in an angled position when you hang it on the mobile arm on the cot.


how to make cot mobile


9. Lastly,  make a knot at the top very top end of the string. This entirely up to you on how you want to finish it off. You can do a simple loop knot or any other style that you are familiar with. The main point is that the strings shouldn't slide which will imbalance the baby mobile.

how to make cot mobile 

how to make cot mobile

how to make cot mobile

 how to make cot mobile


11. Finished, it's time to hang - Once you make the knot at the top end of the nursery mobile, you are done making the crib mobile. Now it's time to hang.

how to make cot mobile


Get our baby mobile for nursery room DIY KIT now.

Hope this how to make nursery mobile tutorial has helped you to get some idea on how to craft a baby mobile. 

Like I said at the beginning, this is my first attempt to make a nursery mobile on a round baby mobile frame. As you may have noticed, one of the garlands is slightly longer than the others, but still it's not bad looking for a first time attempt.

Hope this will encourage you to make better crib mobile for your nursery rooms.

Please comment, share this post if you found it helpful.


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  • Hi @Laura,
    Thank you for your comment and for your question. You will need to get a cot mobile arm in order to hang this nursery mobile.
    Alternatively, if there is a hook on the ceiling that is strong enough to hold the baby mobile ( they are very light anyway), you can use that too. This would mean that you will have to move the baby cot right underneath where the ceiling hook is. :-)
    Hope this answers your question.

    Anju on
  • This looks great! Could you also explain how you hang the mobile up once you’re finished? Where does it attach to? Many thanks!

    Laura on

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