18 nursery design trends for boys rooms in 2019

It’s the time of the year again when we roll out our predictions for the 2019 nursery design trends for boys’ rooms.  

Just like last year 2018, In 2019, we are predicting the nurseries all over Australia to become more chic, modern and stunning with a return of some old favourites and an introduction of some stunning new themes.


Below are 18 of our top nursery design trends for 2019.

1: Less is best

Nurseries are traditionally small rooms, so the less you have, the better the look.  Three essential furniture is all you really need for the nursery – a gorgeous crib or bassinet, a change table and a rocking chair.  

The trick is not to overstuff the room but to take a few elements and make them beautiful.  

boys nursery room trend 2019 source: auumnation.club

2: Natural and neutral

2019 is the year for climate protection.  More discerning parents are sticking with environmentally friendly products.  You will find more parents turning to natural materials like timber and wicker.  

Neutral palette compliments natural materials and keeps things crisp and clean. Colour, texture and depth will be added with structural elements like a colourful rug or a stylish light fitting.  

Felt ball rugs are the latest design craze for baby nurseries. They come in a variety of colours and designs - a perfect foil for natural timber floors or carpets.

felt ball rug custom design boys nursery room

source: feltballrug.com.au

3: Easy reach

2019 is a busy year for new mothers.  Nursery design themes for boys, this year will incorporate furniture with wheels, hooks and cubbies, so every item can be within easy reach for mom. 

nursery design boys room 2019

source: www.warehousemold.com

4: Nursing gliders

The mother’s chair in baby’s nursery will become more than a function.  Instead, comfort, versatility and safety will become important considerations when choosing this essential furniture for the nursery.

Rugs and mats will be used with gliders for maximum comfort and as a part of the design theme in the nursery.

baby boys nursery design 2019

image source: bhg.com

5: Beyond blue

We predict that in 2019, while blue will continue to dominate as a popular design theme for a boy’s nursery, parents will also start experimenting with darker and bolder blues like royal and navy blues.  

boys nursery design trend 2019

source: parents.com

6: Animal safari

Animal-inspired nursery design themes will continue to be popular in 2019.  But the New Year’s look is more understated. Do not expect a nursery stuffed with animal soft toys or over-layered with animal print furnishings.   

An eye-catching statement is the essence of 2019 animal-inspired design theme with more parents opting to use animal felt rugs on bare timber floors as a nursery feature.

boys nursery design theme 2019

7: Fairy tales

The royal household of Cambridge adopted a Peter Rabbit, Jemima Duck and Mrs Tiggy Winkle look for the future king of England.

We understand the same children’s fairy tale character was used for his little brother Prince Louis.  

Our team are confident that mothers in Australia will also be taking up this theme as part of their babies’ nursery décor.

baby nursery design 2019

source: pinterest.com

8:  Scandinavian style

In 2019, cool Nordic will become a dominant theme in nursery design.  To achieve this look, choose natural wood or wicker furniture. Pair it with muted or neutral colours to create light and flow.  

A pebble felt rug in earthy tones will add a touch of class to this clean, crisp look.

boys nursery design theme 2019 image source: pinterest.com

9: Disney magic

Disney will continue to dominate in the boy's nursery theme in 2019.  

When choosing a Disney theme, do not forget that Disney characters can be bright and colourful.

It is important that you balance this theme with equal amounts of neutrals or white tones in the nursery room  design.   

A white crib on polished wooden floors with a colourful Disney throw and a matching mobile is enough to turn the nursery into a magical wonderland for the baby.

nursery design boys room 2019

source: pinterest.com

10: Letters and alphabets

Letters and alphabets will continue to dominate nursery design themes in 2019.  Next year’s design themes will see a more creative use of letters as wall collages or to spell baby’s name or as special messages of love and affection.

Lettering will also start to appear as part of the furnishings, for example, a monogramed pillow, or a baby blanket.

boys nursery design 2019

source: parents.com

11: Oversized wall decal

2019 is the time to get creative.  More parents are taking up paint and brush to create their own wall art in their babies’ nurseries.

boys nursery design 2019

source: pinterest.com

12: Mellow yellow

In the New Year, yellow will make a comeback in nursery design trends.  Yellows in 2019 are matched with greys or used in secondary accessories rather than as entire walls or floors.  

The aim is quiet elegance with enough spark to create an interesting showpiece.

boys nursery design 2019

 source: pinterest.com

13: Felt ball rugs

2019 is the year for dress-ups.  Bare wooden floors and carpets will be paired with toxin-free felt ball rugs.  These rugs come in a variety of colours and shapes and can add instant depth and colour to an existing design theme.  

felt ball rugs nursery design 2019

source: feltballrug.com.au

14: Magic mobile

The mobile will return in 2019, but in more creative and interesting forms.  Instead of traditional animals or rainbow and stars, mobiles will feature environmentally-safe felt balls, colourful butterflies and other interesting and eye-catching designs.

felt ball mobile

source: feltballrug.com.au/mobile

15:  Nautical

Blues and whites with a touch of greens on dark stained wood will give 2019 boys nursery an undeniable nautical look and feel.   

Nautical is an everlasting theme that will continue to flourish in 2019.  We will see classic blue and white mixed with greens and reds for a more vibrant look and feel.

boys nursery design 2019

source: pinterest.com

16: Non-gender specific

In 2019, we will see more boys nursery designed in colour and themes that are non-gender specific.

Expect to see more of mint green, yellows, orange natural, beiges and whites in little boys’ rooms.   

pattern nursery design boys room 2019

source: parents.com

17: Patterns

2019 boys’ nursery will use plenty of patterns, diagonal shapes, colour blocking and monochromatic themes to create character and style.

Details will be picked up in matching accessories like toys, art prints, rugs and lighting.

boys nursery design theme 2019

source: pinterst.com

18: Be yourself!

Last but not least, be yourself! Mix and match themes and colours until you find the one that is perfect for your little boy.  You will know what it is when you find it.

Good luck with the nursery decoration project, everyone!  We know you’re going to have so much fun doing it.

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