18 Nursery design trends for girls’ rooms in 2019

Every year, the design world churns out new and surprising trends.

If you’re active on social media, you will know that this year it was all about traditional pinks, pretty lavenders and modern buffalo checks.

2018 was the year for experimentation with velvet, metallic and industrial chic themes cropping up in baby girl rooms all over the world.

See our 2018 nursery design themes for girls nursery room, if you wanted to get some idea.

A sneak peek on Snapchat of Stormi’s (one of the most followed baby on social media) world revealed a plush pink rug alongside a toy mouse filled with candy.

So what can we expect for 2019...

Our design team has been busy studying the trends to give you our 2019 nursery design trends predictions.

Here are 18 of our best 2019 nursery design trends predictions:

1. Minimalist

Minimalist was big in 2018 and will continue to dominate in the New Year.

The formula is simple: ‘Don’t clutter the nursery with furniture or toys’. Here’s a secret we want to share with you.

There are only three must-have furniture in a baby’s room – a pretty little bassinet or a crib and a changing table for the baby.

minimalist nursery design

image source: pinterest.com

Can you guess the final piece of furniture?

Read #2 below for the answer.

2. Super nursing glider

The third essential furniture in a baby’s room is a nursing glider. A nursing glider is a chair that moves back and forth to help you soothe baby.

It’s also the perfect mommy-and-baby bonding chair.

2019 trends for the perfect nursing glider include

  • superior comfort (headrests, armrests, leg rest and plush materials like velvet),
  • versatility (360-degree swivel action, reclining and straight-back)
  • and safety (locking mechanism to steady the chair and keep baby safe).

rocking glider for nursery room 2019

image source: pinterest.com

3. Neutral and natural

Neutral tones and natural materials are trending in 2019.

Beige and whites are popular.

So are wood, timber and wicker. A neutral palette is a perfect canvas for any design theme.

neutral and natural nursery design theme

image source: pinterest.com

4. Nordic cool

Move over industrial chic for cool Scandinavian sophistication. Think natural earthy tones, natural timber or wicker and muted neutral tones. 

nursery design trend 2019 girls room

5. Pretty in pink

Pink is still the new black for 2019. Every little girl deserves a pink room.

If you love pink, decorating your new nursery will be an absolute pleasure. Pink is everything and anything. It is soft, sweet, nice, playful, romantic, lovely and more!

An easy colour to work with, pink pairs well with most colours. No matter what you do or how you do it, pink will always be pretty and sweet

pink nursery design for girls nursery 2019

image source: pinterest.com

6. Living coral

Pantone recently announced their 2019 Colour of the Year – ‘Living coral’. A darker shade of pink, living coral is sure to reign supreme in 2019 nursery design trends for little girls.

Expect to see coral pink pop up alongside traditional pinks, beiges, greys, mint green and blues in Australian manufacturers in the New Year.pantone colour of the year 2019 reef coral


coral reef nursery design theme 2019

image source: minarosebeauty.com 

7. Disney magic

Everlasting Disney’s magic continues to shine on nursery design themes for 2019.

Expect ethereal Ariel to face some stiff competition from modern Disney princesses like Elsa in tomorrow’s nursery rooms for baby girls.

princess elsa nursery design
image source: pinterest.com

8. Curved furniture

Curved furniture made a big splash this year and it looks like this trend is not turning a corner in year 2019 for nursery design.

For a statement, try a curved convertible crib as the one Khloe Kardashian chose for her new baby girlcurved crib girls nursery design trend 2019

Match your curved crib with pretty pink bed linen and fluffy baby blankets for a 100% pretty little bedroom.

9. Canopy magic

Team your beautiful crib with a canopy from ceiling to floor to recreate a romantic mid-century theme.

A vintage white tassel canopy can be placed over the baby’s crib or in a corner with a matching round felt ball rug to create an adorable space for baby girl.

white canopy for nursery room

image source: pinterest.com

10. Arty

2019 will see more art moving into the baby’s room. Modern parents are taking inspiration from art galleries all over the world to create chic, modern nurseries for their newborns.

Art pieces may well be the preferred wall décor over a traditional cartoon and cutesy images of previous years.

nursery design with art

image source: pinterest.com

11. Monochromatic

More celebrity mothers will turn to monochrome colours to create a distinctive style for their babies in 2019.

If you intend to follow in their footsteps, don’t be rigid with your blacks and whites.

Consider using blacks, greys, charcoals with whites, beiges, nudes and creams.

Also, don’t overdo the darker tones but have a good balance with both.monochrome nursery design trend 2019

image source: projectnursery.com

12. Oversized decal

2019 will see bolder and brighter experimentation in wall murals.

We predict pretty flower themes to cover entire walls in more baby nurseries next year. nursery design theme 2019 for girls

image source: projectnursery.com

Balance the wall with plain or white furniture and bedding. Pick a dominant colour from the wall and continue the theme with an artfully placed floor mat or rug.

13. Lettering

Lettering made a big statement this year and we predict this trend will continue in 2019.

The design potential is limitless. You can use a collection of different sizes, fonts and colours to create an interesting wall collage.

Or you can take a leaf off one of this year’s new celebrity mom’s nursery design themes and spell out your precious baby’s name or a special message for her.

girl nursery design trend 2019

image source: parents.com

14. Statement crib

The year 2019 will see more parents using the baby’s crib as the core design theme in the nursery.

Whether it’s using curve-shaped cribs to golden colour cribs to fibre glass cribs, the baby girl’s bed will turn into a tasteful statement of the designer’s distinctive style in the coming year.

2019 nursery design trend girl room

image source: parents.com

15. Mellow yellow

Yellow will make a comeback in 2019 but bolder and brighter than previous years.

Instead of brazen yellow walls and floors, yellow will be weaved into secondary elements in the nursery like an interesting art piece, a soft toy or a pair of floor-length ceilings.

yellow nursery design

image source: pinterst.com

16. Accessorizing

In 2019 nurseries will see the use of statement accessories like a stylish lighting or a colourful floor rug.

When Khloe Kardashian unveiled her daughter’s nursery online, it was hard to miss the interesting pink butterflies light sparkling from the ceiling.

For a unique take on your daughter’s nursery, try a chocolate pebble felt ball rug for understated elegance and class.

pink nusery design
image source: people.com

17. Glitter

2019 is the year to shine. Adventurous parents-to-be are not afraid to experiment with glitter, gold and silver.

Add some bling into your little girl’s nursery with a set of unique pink glitter felt balls as a floor rug or an eye-catching mobile. 

18. Be yourself

Our final advice is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with themes, colours and materials until you find the perfect design for your baby.

Most of all, have fun decorating your baby girl’s nursery.

Nursery design trends for girls room 2019Nursery design trends in 2019Nursery designs for girls

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