7 Awesome Ways to Design Neutral Theme Nursery

Ever wanted to design a baby nursery that is simple, elegant and good for either your boy or a girl?

When it’s time to design a nursery for your baby, you could go with tradition and paint it pink for a girl and blue for a boy. But this is a room that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in with your baby, so you should think of what you want from the room as well as what you think would suit your baby. Do you want it to be restful and simple? Easy to clean? How long until it will need redecorating for your growing child?

We can’t help with all of those considerations, but here’s some inspiration for you!

1. White and grey: if you want to create a simple, restful atmosphere, a white and grey color scheme is perfect. Any furnishings you choose will match, and you can add variety with patterns. Even better, these colors are easy to paint over to redecorate when the baby is a little older, or classic enough to suit them for a long time.

Neutral Nursery Design Theme photo via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com

2. Rainbow: Alright, a strict rainbow theme could be pretty overwhelming, but if you keep the room fairly neutral in terms of the wallpaper/paint and carpet, and then furnish it with quirky colored furniture – why not a red cot? – then you can create a delightful and fun looking room in no time, and it’s always going to be easy to rearrange and redecorate. 

Neutral Baby Nurseryphoto via pinterest.com

3. Space theme: Encourage your child to be a little dreamer with a nursery set-up that’s out of this world. You can use glow in the dark stars, make a feature wall like the one below, and use all kinds of memorabilia, space photography and art to make the room beautiful. Girls and boys can both get interested in space, and the room will be a talking point for a long time to come.

Space Theme Baby Nurseryphoto via lemondropfile.com

4. Animals: Decorate the room with animals! A zoo or farm theme will look cute and offer plenty of teaching opportunities in future. You could have a giraffe stenciled on the wall for a growth chart, and other beloved animals in strategic areas of the room. Just don’t pick anything too frightening.

animal theme baby's nurseryphoto via pinterest.com


5. Vintage: Furnishing the room with wooden furniture and a neutral or matching background is the perfect way to get hold of some really sturdy pieces of furniture, and give the nursery a classic, timeless look all at once. Character can be added with photographs in frames, a custom-made rug, a handmade patchwork blankets.

photo via pinterest.com

6. Green: Green as a color is often used for both boys and girls, and with the right combinations of color you can evoke a peaceful forest retreat or a fairy bower.

Green Neutral Baby Nursery Themephoto via pinterest.com 

7. Sensory: As your baby grows, they’re going to have so many new experiences – and you can make their nursery a perfect place to start. Get a soft-textured rug, handmade items, create collages of different textures, mix bright colors… Make the room exciting to all your baby’s senses, and watch them learn about the world starting right there, somewhere safe.

Sensory Nursery Wallphoto via pinterest.com 

Use stencils, curtains, photographs, pictures and rugs: Designing a neutrally themed nursery is easy if you just accessorise! It’s easy to swap out decorations like these, and using things like this allows you to be versatile and as individual as you like.

Keep in mind that whatever you do, you want the nursery to be a welcoming place, and resistant to everything life (or a baby) might throw at it. Consider wipe-clean paints and easy to clean carpets!

If you have any idea in mind or want to leave any feedback, please feel free to do so by commenting below. Your input will be very valuable to other readers.

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