Wheelchair Stroller For Paraplegic New Mums

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Wheelchair Stroller For Paraplegic New Mums

An American high school student named Alden Kane has designed a revolutionary baby carrying wheelchair ( adaptable stroller) enabling paraplegic mums to safely carry her baby.

Prototype of adaptable baby stroller for paraplegic mum.

Alden putting baby seat on adaptable wheelchair.

As part of his university research program, he was assigned to come up with a a design that would enable new mums with disabilities to be able to transport their babies safely while they are on the road.

Alden says ” The biggest priority is to make it safe for the babies and make it independent for the mother. After 6 months of hard work, 6 months of working in machine shop, designing it up, it’s priceless seeing the design on a wheel chair and being used by paraplegic new mum. ”

Sharina Jones who has been paraplegic since she was five years old was one of the first to try the prototype and she couldn’t be happier to be able to carry her baby and be able to move around independently.

Sharina Using The Adaptable wheelchair to carry her baby.

She told Fox2 News “A lot of my friends have babies and they are out, running with their babies in the stroller and I thought, ‘What am I going to do?’”

Sharing testing the prototype wheelchair.

Alden Kane is still working on his prototype and will eventually take it to beyond the prototype stage.

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