Felt Ball Garland Lime Green Olive Yellow White

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Felt Ball Garland Lime Green Olive Yellow White

This adorable felt ball garland in Lime Green Olive Yellow White also known as pom pom garland is the right eco-friendly touch that will brighten up any room or will look amazing year round in any child's room, playroom or for any kind of party . The best part is you can re-use it time and time again. This felt ball garland color set is particularly good for girls room or functions for girls

Colours: 31,39,41,37

felt ball garland green white yellow

If you want to design your own garland, please go to our custom pom pom garland section.

These handmade  felted balls are strung on a delicate yet very strong UV resistant white nylon cord. Each ball is placed about 2 inches ( 2-3 fingers)  apart with tiny knot around it so they don't move around. 


Each each felt ball is about 2 cm in diameter or  3/4 inch and is made from 100% beautiful felt New Zealand wool.


Please note that the size and color of these felt ball garland may vary slightly depending on your computer screen but generally, they are how they appear on the photo.


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