18 DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Little Girl

So, you are going to a baby shower soon and you are not sure on what to give as a gift to mom to be. With little bit of spare time and tiny bit of dedication, we can create some amazing baby shower gifts. 

Lets have a look at some 18 DIY baby shower gift ideas.

1. Handmade Hats

Every little one needs a few hats to keep them nice and warm. So if you like the idea of sewing these tiny cuties for the new arrival then, you may want to check this one out.{source: Make it Love It}


2. Cupcake Onesies

If you are big fan of presentation,  then get some some onesies and create a box of “ onesies cupcakes” for the mama-to-be to admire. Remember, presentation is absolutely critical. {source:Club Chica Circle}

3. Unique Burp Cloths

You can always be creative with some amazing fabric scarps as you dress up some cloth diapers. These will make the best burp cloths and they’ll be original in style for the new mom to enjoy as well. {source: The Thinking Closet}


4. Baby Name Embroidery

Are you familiar with embroidery hoop? If yo are then, why not create some personalised art for the nursery? Check out the colors and give it a go. {source: Lines Across}


5. Diaper Needs Box

Create a box full of all the diapering essentials from wipes to powder to diaper rash cream. Then, add a fun spin on it like they did here in this festive package. {source: Pick Ease}


6. Patchwork Ball

Even if you've never picked up a needle or thread, this patchwork ball will enable anyone to gift their friend with a classic cloth ball. {source: Popsugar}

7. Book Bin

May be little bit too early for the books, but sooner or later, a nursery will definitely need a book bin to place all the books. {source: Lay Baby Lay}

8. Diaper Wreath

What better way there is to celebrate the new arrival then present the new mum to be with a diaper wreath. {source: Cleverly Inspired}


9. Crocheted Shoes

Are you good with crochet needles? Probably a good idea to make a tiny pair of booties for the new baby girl. {source: The Green Dragonfly}

10. Matching Mobile

A handmade mobile is always a great idea to add some beautiful flavour in a nursery. Just make sure to ask the mum to be for the colours so you can match it with the theme. {source: Domestic Charm}


11. Personalised Album

Get some of your best scrapbooking supplies and create a personalised album for the new baby! You can always play around with some colourful fabrics, glitters to make it more beautiful {source: Studio 5380}


12. From-Scratch Books

Starting colours or the ABC’s, get handy with a needle and thread (or your sewing machine) and create one of baby’s very first books. {source: Everyday Celebrations}

13. Diaper Bag

This will be one of the best gifts that you can give to your friend, mum to be. A diaper bag, handmade with love . {source: Change Diapers}

14. Car Seat Cover

Probably the most practical give you can give to your new mum to be friend. This helps the new born keep safe from rain, wind, bright sunlight and colder gusts of wind . {source: Two Bobbins Later}

15. Baby Sling

Find a free pattern online and make a baby sling for the new mom to carry her little one around the house and while going out shopping?. {source: Sew Much Ado}


16. Crib Quilt

Find out the what the nursery theme is from mum to be and create a matching crib quilt. She's going to love you even more. {source: A Pretty Cool Life}


17. Bow Wreath

If there’s a little girl on the way, you know she’ll have some bows to display! Get her collection of hair accessories off on the right foot with a wreath full of them! {source: Charming in Charlotte}


18. Floor Mat

A must to have accessories for little ones.  {source: I Am Momma Hear Me Roar}

Hope these tips have helped you in making your baby shower gift ideas little bit clearer. If you like it, don't forget to share it below.

Baby shower gift ideas

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